Observatorytower updates

The Observatorytower is a new blog dedicated to public policy discussions.  The focus is on foreign and national policy at the federal level.  Here are some updates to the first stories published on the Observatorytower blog.

The first military intelligence mission of the Trump Administration in Yemen resulted in the loss of Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens’ life.  White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer called the mission a success because of the intelligence that was gathered, but Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, disputed this assessment.  Senator McCain pointed out that any loss of life can not be viewed as a success, causing Spicer to accuse McCain, a former Vietnam prisoner of war, of being unpatriotic and owing the Owens family an apology.  This war of words has not been resolved, rather the war of words has intensified.  Chief Owens’ father has called for an investigation into the raid that led to his son’s death.

In an update about election reform suggestions, one idea on the list has been proposed for ratification by the United States Senate.  After the 2016 election resulted in the popular vote winner losing for the second time in sixteen years, the integrity of our electoral process has been questioned.  As a result, outgoing Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA.) introduced legislation abolishing the electoral college.  The Electoral College disenfranchises voters in large states and gives too much power to the small states when electing a new President.

Stay tuned for future posts on the Observatorytower blog that will examine the institutions that have kept our country safe since the end of World War 2, including NATO, the United Nations, and free trade agreements.


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